These are the 3 Best Free Yoga App Experiences

I really enjoy my yoga studio practice and would love to attend more sessions. Unfortunately, the studio schedule doesn’t always match with my availability. I’ve decided to fill in the gaps with a yoga app so that I can practice at home as well.

Initially, the amount of options on the Google Play Store overwhelmed me. I decided that the best approach would be to download 3 highly rated apps and choose which one would be the best fit for me. I googled “best yoga apps” and started to narrow down the contenders. I also favoured the “Editor’s Choice” apps on the Play Store.

After reading many reviews, I came up with my criteria for narrowing down the list of apps:

  • Must be available for both iPhone and Android, so that I can use the app on all my devices.
  • The free version should be substantial and without constant prompting to upgrade.
  • There has to be quality content and user experience.
  • There should be unique features and options to customize your practice.

I narrowed down the contenders to the following 3, beginning with my favourite:

1. Down Dog

iPhone App

Android App

  • Synchs across all your devices.
  • Also has web app.
  • Lots of free practices and plans.
  • High quality video for practices.
  • Allows you to build a custom yoga practice with over 30,000 different configurations.
  • Options allow you to choose your favorite voice, music, your level, length of time you have, “boost” plans where you can focus on a part of your body and length of Savasana.
  • For nerds like me, you can display pose names in both English and Sanskrit.

2. Keep Yoga

iPhone App

Android App

  • Many free practices and meditation guides to choose from.
  • High quality video content.Allows you to collect“Calorie Coins” so that you earn the ability to unlock premium features and workouts. You can even exchange coins for select git cards.
  • Practices can be downloaded so that you don’t need wi-fi to practice.
  • Connect to your TV or Google Fit.
  • Limited options for music with free version.

3. Daily Yoga

iPhone App

Android App

  • Lots of free practices and sessions (series).
  • High quality video content.
  • Many free options for audio meditations.
  • Ability to collect coins so that you can unlock pro features and practices.
  • Practices can be downloaded so that you don’t need wi-fi to practice.
  • Connect to Google Fit.
  • Prompts to upgrade happen a little too often for my liking.

Of course, there are many other apps available for both iPhone and Android. You also may not agree with my choices. These are the ones that I felt offered the best free experience. There are other amazing Yoga apps that operate on a subscription basis.

Personally, I’m looking for an app to supplement my yoga studio practice. This post was written from that perspective. I believe that the studio experience, under a knowledgeable teacher, is more beneficial. The yoga teacher is able to observe your poses and offer advice and correction. However if you have some yoga experience, using an app can be a useful and cost-effective tool to deepen your practice.

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