Amazing Experience at the Toronto Yoga Conference

The 2019 Toronto Yoga Conference and Show finished today. I was fortunate to beat the weekend crowds and attended on Friday.

I have gone to many trade shows, but this was by far the most unique!

First of all, it was free admission. They also had several free activities for attendees which included:

  • Surfset Indo Yoga
  • Mala Bead Making
  • Hula Hooping and Wheel Yoga
  • Body Harmonics/Core Ball/Pilates Mat
  • Suspension Yoga
  • Yoga Garden

The Yoga Garden was a highlight for me. It was a huge open area at the centre of the show where attendees could unroll their yoga mats and join a session. There were non-stop sessions led by a variety of Yoga teachers. Each teacher brought their unique style and perspective. I practiced for over 2 hours and was amazed at how quickly the time had passed.

The food vendors were great. There were many healthy, delicious and vegan options to choose from. My choice was Ital Vital Rastarant and had their delicious tofu BBQ ribs.

The show had many friendly exhibitors offering a vast array of Yoga related products and services. One of my goals for attending was to find a new yoga mat. I got a high-density, natural rubber mat from Tranquil Yogi.

There were also many conferences offered. I believe that they were geared towards yoga teachers or those in training.

I highly recommend that you attend the conference next year!



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